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Web Site Updates

June 27 is a wash

Today's game scheduled with Oakville visiting Hamilton has been postponed due to the City of Hamilton pulling the plug on field use for the weekend. Will probably be rescheduled to July 25th, but, watch this space for further details.

Week 4 scores

Hamilton 8 at G.T.A. 78
Toronto 0 at Montreal 44
Ottawa 21 at Sarnia 3
Tri City 20 at Sault 23
Oakville 24 at Sudbury 28

Game summaries are attached below.

Coming up:

June 27th

6:00 Oakville at Hamilton @ Mohawk #2

July 4th

6:00 pm Sudbury at Hamilton @ Mohawk #4
6:00 pm Montreal at Oakville @ Bronte
7:00 pm Ottawa at Sault @ Rocky DiPietro
7:00 pm Sarnia at Toronto @ Esther Shiner
7:00 pm G.T.A. at Tri City @ Rogers Cambridge

Week 3 scores

Sudbury 14 at Sarnia 17
Hamilton 46 at Oakville 42
G.T.A. 49 at Montreal 21
Sault 3 at Toronto 6
Ottawa 45 at Tri City 3

Coming up on June 20th:

7:00 pm Hamilton at GTA @ Chingucousy
7:00 pm Toronto at Montreal @ Cartier-Laval
7:00 pm Ottawa at Sarnia @ Norm Perry
7:00 pm Tri City at Sault @ Rocky DiPietro
7:30 pm Oakville at Sudbury @ James Jerome

The game summaries are attached below. Please note that for the G.T.A. at Montreal game that incomplete offence sheets and no defensive sheets were submitted. When the correct information is submitted, that game will be updated in the summary.

Updated stats are also done, with the exception of the GTA at Montreal game which still remains incomplete.

Stats are posted

All updated Stats are posted in the tab "2015 Statistics" on the right hand side.

Please note if you have a concern, contact John Metcalfe. I can only tabulate what I receive folks!

Also, two game records were tied this past weekend, one good, one not so good.

Skyler Hurst of the Patriots hooked up with pivot Matt Beardwood for a 108 yard score vs. Tri City which ties the League mark set by Dallas Rees of the Quinte Limestone Panthers back in 2004 and matched by Kwami Osei of the Toronto Titans in 2011.

Week 2 scores

Only Week 2 and things are getting interesting??

Tri City 15 at Hamilton 23
Sudbury 27 at Sault 13
Oakville 14 at Sarnia 42
G.T.A. 61 at Raiders 0
Montreal 26 at Ottawa 13

Coming up on June 13th:

2:00 pm Sudbury at Sarnia @ Norm Perry (note new time)
6:00 pm Hamilton at Oakville @ Bronte
7:00 pm G.T.A. at Montreal @ Cartier-Laval
7:00 pm Sault at Raiders @ Esther Shiner
7:00 pm Ottawa at Tri City @ Rogers Cambridge

Summaries for June 6 games are attached below. Please note, I can only make up summaries from what I receive. If you have a concern about what appears, please remember that?

Stats for both offence and defence are being worked on and hopefully will be posted on June 10. Two games were sent in late!

2015 Week 1

Hamilton 3 at Montreal 24
Oakville 18 at Tri City 22
Raiders 0 at Ottawa 42
Sarnia 28 at Sudbury 24
Sault 0 at G.T.A. 29

Next week (June 6):

6:00 pm Tri City at Hamilton @ Mohawk #1
6:00 pm Sudbury at Sault @ Superior Heights
7:00 pm Oakville at Sarnia @ Norm Perry
7:00 pm G.T.A. at Raiders @ Esther Shiner (Leitch Bowl)
7:30 pm Montreal at Ottawa @ GeeGees Field

Summaries are attached below. Stats will be posted after Week 2.

62nd NFC Season this Saturday!

The Northern Football Conference's 62nd season is upon us with five games slated to kick off this coming Saturday, May 30th. Games to kick off are:

7:00 pm Hamilton at Montreal @ Cartier-Laval
7:00 pm Oakville at Tri City @ Roger's Field-Cambridge
7:00 pm Toronto Raiders at Ottawa @ GeeGees Field
7:30 pm Sarnia at Sudbury @ James Jerome
8:00 pm Sault Ste. Marie at GTA @ Chinguacousy

2015 Schedule is here!!!!

The 2015 N.F.C. Schedule is here!! Please find it attached below and any changes will be communicated on this site if necessary. Regards,

2015 Schedule Release

The Executive advise that the 2015 schedule release will be delayed until Monday April 6th. Please contact any member of the Executive in the interim if you have any concerns. Regards!

A passing to report.....

Some sad news to pass along as former Referee in Chief, "Cactus" Jack Leitch passed away on October 20 in Calgary after a lengthy illness. Jack had officiated football and basketball for numerous years and was the League Referee in Chief from 1995-2007. He was honoured with induction to the N.F.C. Hall of Fame in 2003 and also honoured with Life Membership in 2009.

He is survived by his wife Donna and his two sons and step daughter. Funeral service will be October 24 in Calgary. Further information can be obtained from the McInnis & Holloway Funeral Home web page (

Week 2 Scores

North Bay 31 @ Kingston 6
Raiders 21 @ Milton 28
Sault 28 @ Sarnia 6
Maddogs 12 @ Tri City 24


Milton 2-0
Sault 2-0
Tri City 2-0
North Bay 1-1
Maddogs 1-1
Kingston 0-2
Sarnia 0-2
Raiders 0-2

Another Season Starts

The 2009 campaign is underway. After a rocky April and May dealing with scheduling issues, there only remains one to be ironed out.

You will notice that game summaries will be posted as long as the information is received.

Stats will start to appear next week. The site will be revamped, so your patience is appreciated. Also, the Fox 40 Players of the Week will start appearing next week as well.

Best of luck to all in Week 2.

Web Site Changes

Please be advised that the Toronto Maddogs have changed their url to:

Kingston have changed their url to:

The 2009 NFC League Directory (listed on the menu to the left) has all updated team contact information as of March 2009.

All the best.